5 Rituals to Build Immunity

5 Rituals to Build Immunity - Moodbeli

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As summer gives way to fall, the chillier weather is a good cue to start shifting our daily wellness routines to include practices that support the immune system.

Our top 5 science-based daily rituals to help build fall immunity

1. Get outside. Make sure to get plenty of sunlight as the days get shorter. Sun exposure is important for maintaining healthy vitamin D levels which play a key role in regulating immunity. 

2. Eat the rainbow. The bounty of lush summer fruit is slowing down, so now's the time to start seeking out brightly colored fall fruits and vegetables. Peaches and plums are giving way to persimmons and pomegranates. Kale, winter squash, citrus, sweet potatoes, and beets are all sweeter and more nutrient dense this time of year. Eating fruits and veggies ensures our immune cells function properly.

3. Keep moving. Our bodies and minds are made to move and the colder months are no exception. Physical activity can flush bacteria out of the lungs, help antibodies circulate more rapidly, allowing them to detect illness earlier, and slow down the release of stress hormones.

4. Honor your gut. Our gut health and immunity are richly intertwined, as a healthy gut lining helps protect against pathogens. Incorporating a probiotic, prebiotic, and other gut-brain harmonizing ingredients like lion's mane can support a flourishing microbiome. Calm digestion and soothe the throat anytime with a grounding honey-lemon and turmeric tonic

5. Minimize stress. Chronic stress can be harmful to the immune system. Using adaptogens, like reishi, ashwagandha, and holy basil, regularly has been shown to support a healthy stress response.

These simple and holistic immunity boosting rituals have been practiced for thousands of years to prepare the mind and body for leaner months.

Your immune system does a great job keeping you healthy all by itself. The best way to support immunity is to create as much balance and harmony in your mind and body as possible. 

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