Mushroom Immune Tincture

Mushroom Immune Tincture

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Urban Moonshine daily support with reishi and astragalus. 

A blend of adaptogens, immune-toning herbs, and medicinal mushrooms traditionally used to support optimal immune function.

Supports healthy defenses and optimal immune function. Long-term, daily tonic for a healthy immune system. Great for change of seasons.

Ingredients: Organic proprietary herbal extract blend: organic astragalus root; org. Red reishi fruiting body; org. Maitake fruiting body; org. Codonopsis root; org. Eleuthero root; org. Licorice root; org. Schisandra berry; org. Ginger root. Other ingredients: filtered water, org. Cane alcohol. 30-35% alcohol.

Certified organic & gluten-free.

Made in United States.

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