A New Chapter

Dear Moodbeli Family,

We're writing to let you know that our offerings are changing. 

We are so grateful for this community and for your warm support over the years. It has been an honor and a pleasure to bring you Moodbeli herbs directly. But it is no longer feasible for our small family business to do so under current industry conditions.*

Your love of the Botanic Collection has been a testament to the impact herbal wellness made delicious can have on both simple moments and long-term well-being. Thank you for every spoonful of Moodbeli blends you scooped into your cups, glasses, blenders, and bowls. 

We want to keep making your mindful moments and daily rituals centering, meaningful, and energizing. We'll be launching new collections of beautifully-imagined products to continue supporting your unique routines in fresh and creative ways. We're already getting started with a curated set of wellness tools, home goods, and treasures certain to light up your year.

Stay tuned for more products, recipes, art, design, and ideas for your best moods, one mindful Moodbeli moment at a time.

With so much love and gratitude,

Krysia + Mateo

Please email us with any questions at info@moodbeli.com


* This is a quick way of saying that a lot has changed since we started offering tonic herbs from our kitchen garden eight years ago. 

During the pandemic the demand for herbal wellness skyrocketed, launching once obscure ingredients into the limelight. Nothing makes us happier than to see people build mutually beneficial relationships with botanics and mushrooms. But a rapidly growing industry comes with growing pains: 

  • Top quality ingredients became more expensive
  • Climate change is already impacting herbal medicine growing regions
  • Low quality ingredients are flooding the market leading to consumer confusion
  • The regulatory industry surrounding herbal supplements is in flux leading to the censuring of social media, advertising, and payment processing accounts at random

These rapid industry changes, our personal commitment to ethical sourcing and zero plastic packaging, and to remain independent and family-run, led to our decision to stop offering herbs at this time. 

As much as we're excited for what's next, we're sad to say goodbye to the blends. To all the balanced beings who relied on our blends daily, in some cases for years, we are sorry to let you down. 

We're working on a recipe zine so you can make the blends at home and will be sending it via snail mail for free along with a special surprise gift. Email us at info@moodbeli with the subject line "Zine" to get on the list.