Drop In Tea with Hibiscus Flowers

Drop In Tea with Hibiscus Flowers - Moodbeli

We love making a warm cup of Meditation Tonic whenever we need a quiet moment to drop in with ourselves. Adding freshly brewed hibiscus flowers makes the whole thing that much more ethereal. 


  • 8 oz boiled water

  • 1/2 tablespoon dried hibiscus (rosa de jamaica) flowers

  • 1 tsp Moodbeli Meditation Tonic


Add hibiscus flowers to your teapot, pour just boiled but not boiling water over the flowers, cover, and steep for a few minutes. Add Meditation Tonic to the bottom of your tonic vessel and slowly pour the hibiscus tea into the vessel. Stir to combine, sip mindfully, and "drop in" to the present moment.

Moodbeli Meditation Tonic

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