Blisspresso - Moodbeli

Caffeine and theobromine, two natural uplifting ingredients found in coffee, tea, and cacao, have been shown to have significant mood-enhancing effects.

Blisspresso combines a revitalizing shot of espresso with a scoop of deep chocolate Bliss Booster. By incorporating the mood-enhancing benefits of caffeine and theobromine, Blisspresso delivers a powerful pick-me-up that not only elevates your energy levels but also promotes a positive state of mind. Bliss Booster features mood-balancing maca root, theobromine-rich raw cacao, and a kick of fiery cayenne pepper. When you're in need of a mood and energy boost, treat yourself to a Blisspresso and experience the uplifting synergy of caffeine, theobromine, and herbal medicine working together to spice up your day.

Caffeine, a well-known central nervous system stimulant, is believed to improve mood by blocking adenosine receptors in the brain, thereby increasing the levels of mood-boosting neurotransmitters like dopamine and norepinephrine. (1) Theobromine, a milder stimulant primarily found in cacao, works in a similar fashion by inhibiting the breakdown of neurotransmitters and prolonging their mood-enhancing effects. (2) Together, these two compounds can contribute to an uplifted state of mind, increased alertness, and enhanced cognitive functioning.



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