Silk Sleep Set
Silk Sleep Set
Silk Sleep Set
Silk Sleep Set
Silk Sleep Set
Silk Sleep Set

Silk Sleep Set

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A balanced mood starts with a good night's sleep.

Create a soothing and indulgent bedtime ritual with this limited edition Silk Sleep Set, made by artist and healer, Lauralee Kelly, in collaboration with Moodbeli.

Crafted with luxuriously soft organic raw charmeuse silk and relaxing organic adaptogens and botanics.


A hand-dyed organic raw silk eye pillow filled with organic adaptogens and calming herbs with adjustable strap for instant spa-like relaxation and stress-relief.

A hand-dyed organic raw silk Standard Queen envelope pillowcase to protect skin and hair while you sleep.

This is a limited-edition handmade product. Colors vary slightly. Every set is one of a kind. 


    Natural dyes: Kamala extract, quebracho rojo extract

    100% organic raw charmeuse silk, organic flax seed, organic Amagansett mugwort, organic French lavender, organic holy basil


    Pillowcase: hand wash or delicate cycle with cold water and mild soap.

    Eye pillow: spot clean with mild soap and cold water.

    About the Artist

    Lauralee Kelly is an artist and massage therapist with a love for combining aesthetic creation with healing. She creates in a diverse array of disciplines, including painting, sculpture, and textile and jewelry design. Lauralee has extensive experience in a myriad of bodywork and healing modalities including Energy Healing, Prenatal Massage, Craniosacral Therapy, Somato-emotional Release, and Therapeutic Bodywork.